Analysis & Advice around Cells & Pollen

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About Acepo

Acepo provides an analytical service and advice around cells and pollen. Further activities are research, development, or education projects in the field of plant science, especially in relation to plant cell biology, tissue culture, or breeding.


Acepo was founded in 2017 by Iris Heidmann. Acepo focusses on pollen quality analysis, research and development, or educational projects. Acepo’s mission is to provide an analytical service with the newest technology and consultancy to interested breeders as a support to their breeding program and/or research projects. Additionally, Acepo would like to increase the general knowledge and understanding of plant cell biology.

Pollen quality analysis

In most plant species pollen is a major factor for successful fruit and seed production. However, pollen is susceptible to genetic and environmental influences. Pollen analysis used to be a laborious, time consuming, and not generally applicable exercise. A newly developed method determines pollen quality in a reliable and standardized manner which is offered as service by Acepo.  Using high quality pollen in seed or fruit production reduces the number of failed pollinations and subsequent costs.

Advices around Cell and Pollen

Acepo’s founder has more than 30 years’ work experience of plant breeding research in scientific as well as industrial environments which enables her to translate science to practical applications and vice versa. Research, development, implementation, and education projects executed or supervised by Acepo can vary from literature research, protocol development to theoretical and practical education.

I. Heidmann

Founder of Acepo

Before starting Acepo I worked as senior researcher in plant cell biology at a major vegetable seed company and for many years as research technician at various research institutes in Germany (Inst. for Horticultural Plant Breeding, Ahrensburg; University of Konstanz; Max-Planck Institute of Plant Breeding Research, Cologne).

My research activities vary from pollen viability analysis, plant regeneration systems (somatic and reproducive cells), plant transformation, to mutagenesis, epigenetics, and analysis of gene expression. I completed my PhD studies at Wageningen University on BABY BOOM (BBM)-mediated somatic embryogenesis where we discovered essentials of the BBM-related gene activation network. The majority of my work has been published in patents and high ranking journals.

LinkedIN & ResearchGate (contains links to all publications)

Ordering information

Anyone who is interested having a pollen analysis performed on his/her material should contact Acepo to specify the questions that need to be answered. For R&D or I&E projects Acepo should be contacted for more information and possibilities.

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